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A former ex-serviceman’s pub recently converted into a hip club for twenty-somethings. Buttoned velvet red plush booth seating & glam gold ceiling. Portraits of elderly ex-servicemen adorn the walls: a hollow gesture of commemoration - a token offering. History meets hip.

The club is half full. Two mimes perform.


AMY and KELLY are on their third or fourth date. They are unabashed in conversation but have not slept together. AMY is a Panamanian student. KELLY is as Scottish as they come, a dropout who thinks more of himself than of most. They are sat opposite each other in a booth during the performance.


BARRY and LINDA - ‘partners in mime’ and owners of the club - perform on stage in the background. Their performance is a bizarre concoction of contemporary dance, performance art and circus mime. It is to be taken seriously.



Tell you what. Old Boswold wouldn't've seen any of this.






Estimated duration: 90 minutes


Genre: Comedy



LOGLINE: A mime double act begin an escapade to Scotland after a freak death in their London club. They are led on a cash driven trail to a motherlode of rare whiskey on the fictional (and mysterious) island of Tamarroe…



Wet Dishes is a film-in-writing, with influences from faraway places, including:



Down By Law

Monsieur Verdoux

Some Like It Hot

Withnail & I



Early stages.

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