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Sod’s law takes no prisoners. Their love organs thwack into action. They are hopeless, rendered subordinate to the whims of fancy. Turbulence and extravagance, ecstasy and fantasy, drunken feuds and bloodied knuckles – these are the things they enjoy watching on television. They love, they fuck, they do it all and with each other. They sleep nose to nose or brow to brow, depending on the day of the week. They are organised in their love. Regular passion is not enough.

Richard is a victim of tempestuous bowels, Nicole of delayed tooth eruption. After fractious and bizarre childhoods, they meet and engage in a fractious and bizarre relationship. It ends and they lead separate lives, hers fractious, his bizarre. Unknown to Richard, Nicole gives birth to twins. Boy, girl; deluded, difficult. Boy runs away, girl is a maladaptive daydreamer. An all-consuming addiction to tantric self-pleasure means that Richard, too, is miles away, in a world of his own. It falls to a private detective with questionable morals, Ronald, to pick up the pieces.
Reveries artwork by Dawood Vilcassim

Reveries artwork by Dawood Vilcassim

The Artists


5 artists have collaborated with the author to each create a unique cover artwork for Reveries. Ranging in styles from monochrome sketchpad to digital design, from the bold to the enigmatic, these bespoke artworks are one of a kind.


Finnegan Travers is a freelance visual artist, based in London, specialising in photography, video graphic design.

Tom Stockley is a lo-fi performer, writer, designer and organiser based in the South West of England. Founding member of We Are Uncollective and Langaland Festival.

Leah Kirby is a shadow puppeteer, visual and physical artist and educator living Totnes, UK. View her Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with what she's up to!

Lucy Vyain is a French painter and illustrator currently living and working in Totnes, UK. She produces moving portraits and hauntingly surreal landscapes. View her portfolio here

Dawood Vilcassim is a Sri Lankan visual artist, living and studying in Galle. Visit his Instagram here


Laura Willerton is, among other things, a fabulous textile artist. She hand-embroiders every t-shirt with love and care, to order.

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