Bruno Cooke

ACOrN: A Crunch Or None

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2015


Written by Bruno Cooke
Directed by Bruno Cooke and Toby Jones


Cast -

Amanda Hohenberg
Emily Howarth
Olivia Lynch
Liam Murphy 


"This show is nuts... if you'll pardon the pun"

Broadway Baby

"[An] ambitious piece of experimental theatre"

The Scotsman




Slaving, slavishly, in order to achieve - achieve! that's right - the status I now rightfully - Stop cutting in! - the status I now hold. It is the result of generations of progress. Generations of progress. You'll do well, creature, to remember that. Eh?


Are we all nuts? 

Upsen Downs

Performed in the Pinter Studio, 2015


Written and directed by Bruno Cooke
Sound design by Jethro Cooke

Cast -

Conall Borowski
Amanda Hohenberg
Stephan Ledesma
George Readshaw
Gemma Turnbull



OK. Speak then, Bumble, silence, Muglump

feel the cavernous depths of my trump.

Are You Happy Now?

Performed in the Camden People's Theatre, 2015
Presented by Sonderclap


Written and directed by Katie Jackson


Cast -

Tilly Bungard
Bruno Cooke
Maria Hunter
George Readshaw 


Part of 'Fitter Happier More Productive': a selection of cutting-edge artists respond to the cult of self-betterment, and explore how it feels to be imperfect in its shadow.


‘Am I happy? I can’t say immediately, with assurance that I am. And when you’re not sure about something, when you hesitate, even if afterwards you decide, that yes, I am fine –  that hesitation is telling – it proved that you weren’t certain, so therefore it must lead to the conclusion that there is something internal, unconscious, inside of you, trying to tell you that actually no – you are not happy. That must mean I am not happy.’



Performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2014


Written by Emer Mary Morris
Directed by Emer Mary Morris and Joss Wylde Nicholas
Design by Nina Scott


Cast -

Bruno Cooke
Maria Hunter
Naomi Parnell
James Prescott
George Readshaw
Annabelle Sami


Pen and Lucy are on the dole. Lucy is forced to work for her local supermarket. She would really like a holiday. Pen would really like to get revenge on capitalism. Trevor really wants to win the Best Store Award. What happens next is a hashed hostage hold-up, with chaos, crutches, Clubcards and a reluctant YouTube song. Will they all achieve their dreams?


DEPRESCOS is a frolic through the microcosm world of the supermarket. Dark humour highlights the inequalities of low/no paid work. In relation to poverty, exploitation and boredom; DEPRESCOS offers hostages and holidays.

Chocks Away!

Performed in the Pinter Studio, 2014


Written and directed by Bruno Cooke

Cast -

Franciska Ery
Roya Eslami
Ben Gray
Katie Jackson
Rory Payne 


Delightful to see you old chap, but I'm not sure that's
allowed. I'm a butterfly these days, flit-flitting. Watch.
Morry behaves like a butterfly.

Have you lost your marbles?
No, they're right here, in my pocket.

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